Preform molding machine for 8 to 24 cavities and ability to mold up to 94g.

The PM-70/65NII is a preform molding machine utilizing ASB’s well proven vertical clamping system. Compact and strong, it provides accurate and stable molding while maintaining fast cycle times. Using the IU-65 injection unit, this machine can mold preforms at up to 94 grams in 8 cavities, or 31 grams in 24 cavities.

Example Containers

container types PM-7065NⅡ

Key Machine Features

1 Newly Designed Injection Unit
2 Faster Cycle and Less-AA by Injection Holding Pressure Cylinder
3 High-Speed Preform Molding
4 Increased Cooling Efficiency

Machine Specifications

Container Matrix

Product Applications

Bottles by 2-step molding



Container Shapes


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