Jar and bottle preform molding machine.

With 1,669kN clamping force, the PM-170/111M machine is ideally suited to the production of wide mouth jar preforms. Its output is closely matched to work in line with our HSB-6M double blow heat-set molding machine, but is also suitable for molding a wide range of other preforms including bottle types up to 48 cavities.

Example Containers

170111M containers 1

container types PM-7065NⅡ

Key Machine Features

Feature 1 With 1,669kN clamping force, can mold up to 120mm neck wide mouth jar preform
Feature 2 Hot –fillable jar production line with HSB-6M and CM-6000M.
Feature 3 Mold up to 48 cavities.
Feature 4 Accurate and stable molding with ASB’s well proven vertical clamping system.

Machine Specifications

Container Matrix


Product Applications

Bottles & jars by 2-step molding



Container Shapes

Preform (bottles, jars)

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