Unique 1.5-step machines, leading the PET bottle molding industry with their exclusive concept.

High Quality Stable Molding / Computer controlled fully automatic operation
Machine feedback and setting conditions are displayed on a liquid crystal display incorporated on the operator interface. The controller unit can store up to eight sets of complex, high precision molding conditions. Fully automatic machine operation is achieved by the electronic controller which also controls the Injection profile and heaters.

More Rapid Cycles / A rational approach to shortening cycle time

After primary cooling of the preforms in the Injection mold, they are rotated 180 degrees whilst still on the Injection cores, cooled further and removed. Additionally as the Injection cavity does not move, machine movements are faster than those on older machines, contributing to a faster cycle time.

Compactness / A new standard in size reduction
The lip cavity and Injection cores are unitised, along with the completely revised machine design, the overall size has been reduced by half. Twice as many machines can now be installed in the same space, thereby doubling production capacity.

Cost Down / Thorough quest for economy
Initial costs have been reduced, as the completely redesigned unitised mold consists of fewer components, power consumption has also been reduced by the utilization of highly efficient variable displacement hydraulic pumps, which provide the main driving power.

By means of the optional preform positioner, on thePF8-4B machine the neck orientation can be determined therefore allowing the cap position to match the bottle shape. The molding range for detergent and toiletry products can be greatly increased. This additional function integrates perfectly prior to blow mold clamping.

Example Containers

containers pf8-4b

Key Machine Features

1 Drastic Reduction of Electricity Consumption
2 Low Noise and Low Vibration
3 Clean Operation
4 Reduction of Cooling Water
5 Stable Molding
6 Short Run Flexibility

Machine Specifications

PF8-4Bv4 ms

Container Matrix

Product Applications

Beverage (mineral water, carbonated drink, juice, milk, sport drink, liquor etc.), edible oil, salad dressing, seasoning (vinegar, sauce, soy sauce etc.), detergent, shampoo, pharmaceutical etc.


PET, recycled PET, PEN , PLA etc.

Container Shapes

Plain round, oval, CO2, ultra-light etc.

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