Unique 1.5-step machines, leading the PET bottle molding industry with their exclusive concept.

Integrating the strengths of the “Hot Parison” 1-step molding method and the “Cold Parison” 2-step molding method, ASB developed the 1.5-step “Cool Parison” method. This revolutionary container production system employed by the PF platform gives you the best of both worlds in one incredibly flexible, efficient and powerful unit. With its high productivity and excellent cost performance, it can produce bottles of all conceivable shapes and has the ability to mold bottles with minimal neck support ring. Ideally suited for bottles in the 1.5L up to 3L range.

Example Containers


Key Machine Features

1 Suitable for Mass Production of Bottles for Water, Edible Oil, Detergent etc up to 3L.
2 Pursuing Rationality and Economic Efficiency
3 High Quality Stable Molding
4 Rapid Cycle
5 Space and Energy Saving
6 Neck Orientation (option)
7 Air Recycling (option)

Machine Specifications

Container Matrix

Product Applications

Beverage (mineral water, carbonated drink, juice, milk, sport drink, liquor etc.), edible oil, salad dressing, seasoning (vinegar, sauce, soy sauce etc.), detergent, shampoo, pharmaceutical e


PET, recycled PET, PEN , PLA etc.

Container Shapes

Plain round, oval, CO2, ultra-light etc.

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