Suitable for molding large PET containers and bottles with handles up to 6L.

Integrating the strengths of the “Hot Parison” 1-step molding method and the “Cold Parison” 2-step molding method, ASB developed the 1.5-step “Cool Parison” method. The PF3-1BH is optimized for molding heavier weight PET bottles up to 6L capacity, and all can mold an integrated handle if required, making them ideal for one-trip water bottles. Lighter weight containers can be molded by the PF4-1BH. They can also produce unique shape bottles such as bottles with inserted handles, or those having their neck and gate on a different axis.

Example Containers

containers pf3-1bh

Key Machine Features

1 Various Types of Handle
2 High Quality Stable Molding
3 Pursuing Rationality and Economic Efficiency
4 Space and Energy Savin

Machine Specifications

Container Matrix

Product Applications

Edible oil, mineral water, detergent, juice etc.


PET, recycled PET, PEN , PLA etc

Container Shapes

With integrated or inserted handle, plain round, non-round, oval etc.

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