PET Bottle

What is PET resin?

PET is the abbreviation for a PolyEthylene Terephthalate, more commonly known as Polyester in the fiber industry. It consists of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, and is one of the most environmentally friendly thermoplastics available. If it is incinerated only carbon dioxide and water vapor are produced. When molded into a container, it produces outstanding strength, toughness and transparency. Since it is Polyester, it means that used containers can easily be recycled into fibers for clothing and carpets etc., this is already happening in many countries.

Can PET be colored?

Certainly, as long as there is a pigment available in pelletized masterbatch, dry powder or liquid form then it can be molded very successfully. Color mixing in the injection screw is very easy with PET.

Do PET containers need any special handling after molding?

Not really, but as with most other thermoplastics they should be protected from strong sunlight and high temperatures during storage and transportation, especially when empty otherwise deformation and shrinkage might occur. However, if you have experience in handling other thermoplastic products, then there are no additional requirements.

We hear lots of scare stories about the health effects of plastics, is PET really safe?

Before PET was ever used for food containers it was passed by the FDA of America and has repeatedly passed every health test that has been thrown at it. Certain other thermoplastics such as PVC are not considered to be as safe as PET, which is one of the reasons why there has been a dramatic shift into PET from other plastics.

Recycling is always a headache. What can ASB’s equipment do to help?

Our molding machines can already accept up to 100% post consumer clean recycled flake PET resin as a raw material, in addition, we have also developed specialized PET dryers that can handle clean, recycled flake resin. So, technically there is no obstacle, however, please be aware that most countries have legislation regarding the use of post consumer recycled resin in food contact applications, so most containers manufactured by this method will be for non-food use only.

Alternatively, we can offer multi-layer molding machines that can sandwich the recycled material between layers of virgin PET making it suitable for food use containers. Please contact us for any specific inquiries.