Form Your Vision

Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd., is pioneer and leader of injection stretch blow molding. While perhaps better known for our machinery, throughout our long history we have designed and developed, manufactured and supplied molds for our machines.


Unlike third party mold suppliers, at ASB we produce focus exclusively on our own unique range of molding machines. As a result, our expertise is focused on producing the best possible quality with a narrow range of products. We do not dilute ourselves by trying to compete over a multitude of platforms. Nobody knows ASB machines better than us, they are our machines and utilize ASB technologies hence there can be nothing better than original ASB tooling to Form Your Vision.


Open top containers made on 1-step injection stretch blow molding machinery is almost endless. We have a deep history of producing plastic containers that are often considered to be impossible. When a customer is considering a design, be it simple or radical, we take a deep involvement in the specific needs and work together to ensure their vision can be formed into the high quality finished product to match expectations.


It is natural that ASB knows 1-step and 1.5-step molding processes better than anyone else. We developed the original concept, and only ASB knows what goes into the design and function of every ASB machine supplied. So, only we can design and build and supply a mold that maximizes the efficiency of your ASB machine.


Raw materials are globally sourced to provide the best combination of molding performance, strength, wear characteristics and machinability. Each part of the mold is manufactured from the best material for its intended use on some of the world’s highest quality machine tools, operated by our highly trained staff.