ASB-50MB v3

Best selling entry-level machine, more than 2,500 installed worlwide!

Compact, reasonable and versatile machine.

Following the unprecedented launch and global acceptance, the ASB-50MB machine has been enhanced to its current “version 3′ incarnation to enhance capabilities.

Utilization of electric servo for table rotation and hydraulic system improvements the machine dry-cycle time is faster.

Addition of upper conditioning station ensures preform temperature is accurately profiled prior to blow molding providing an ideal match to the container geometry.

Simple but effective fully automatic machine for the production of a wide variety of bottles in any market.

Low initial investment for the machine and mold. Ideal entry-level machine for the manufacture of any PET bottle.

Example Containers

containers created

Machine Features

1 Compact & Efficient
2 Various Applications and Materials
3 A Useful Tool For Research & Development
4 High Level Functions in an Economic Machine

Machine Specifications

Container Matrix

Product Applications

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, liquor, infusion bottles, detergent, mouthwash, baby feeding bottles, spice, salad dressing, foods, mineral water etc.


PET, PP, PC, PLA, PEN, PS, PES, PPSU, recycled PET etc.

Container Shapes

Plain round, non-round, wide-mouth, oval, ultra-light etc.

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