All-electric type. Compact, versatile + environment friendly.

Dramatic reduction of electricity consumption
The ASB-15N/10E consumed 60% less electricity compared to its nearest hydraulically powered equivalent machine.

(Reduction rate may vary depending on molded product.)

Stable molding
Servo controlled shot metering is highly accurate a consistent.

Low noise and low vibration
The all electric type machine generates very low noise and the toggle clamping system offers a low vibration.

Clean operation
There is no risk of contamination from oil leakage or spillage.

Faster cycle
With each movement having its own independent driving unit, cycle time is reduced compared to its nearest hydraulically powered equivalent machine

Reduction of cooling water
Having no hydraulic oil heat exchanger, the machine uses 89% less cooling tower water.

Tie-bar less structure
Because of the Tie-bar less structure in the blow mold clamping system, the area available for mold installation is larger, enhancing ease of maintenance.

Flexibility of blow base
The blow clamping system can be adjusted to two different vertical positions allowing blow molds of different height to be easily installed depending on the height of bottle to be molded. (One more vertical position can be added as an option.)

Mold interchangeability with our hydraulic type conventional machine
Mold interchangeability with our hydraulic type conventional machine By using factory-installed special fixing parts (option), molds designed for the ASB-50HII and ASB-12N/10 can be mounted.

(The product height should be 250mm and under, and some of the mold parts may need additional machining. Please contact us for the details.)

Example Containers

containers 15n10e

Key Machine Features

1 Drastic Reduction of Electricity Consumption
2 Low Noise and Low Vibration
3 Clean Operation
4 Reduction of Cooling Water
5 Stable Molding
6 Short Run Flexibility

Machine Specifications

machine specs 1510NE

Container Matrix

Product Applications

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, healthcare, foods etc.


PET, PP, PC, PLA, PEN, PES, recycled PET etc.

Container Shapes

Plain round, non-round, wide-mouth, oval, ultra-light, thick-wall etc.

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