High class model for larger containers and jars.

Outstanding cost efficiency
The primary moving force is provided by low maintenance variable displacement pumps driven by a highly efficient motor which compared to the ASB-650 series machines reduces power consumption by about 40%.

150-ton injection clamp
The 1440kN injection clamp is an increase of 50% over the ASB-650EXHIII predecessor meaning containers with a 155mm neck finish can be accommodated in three cavity configuration, or a 110mm neck can be molded in five cavities. Smaller containers with up to a 26mm neck diameter can been made in sixteen cavity configuration.

Fast mold change
With the majority of mold components installed/removed as assemblies mold changeover is simplified.

Fast stable operation
Carefully engineered rigid construction enables fast and precise machine movements significantly reducing the dry cycle time, thereby increasing productivity whilst ensuring stable operation and the manufacture of flawless containers.

Latest, precise, reliable and user friendly control system
The user friendly control system and intuitive color touch screen interface coupled with AS-interface communication protocol facilitates control and monitoring of the machines functions further enhancing performance and simplifying maintenance.

Stable injection
Parameters are adjusted through the touch screen user interface. Five point injection pressure and flow control provides precision and repeatability from cycle to cycle.

Recipe storage
Up to eight sets of molding conditions can stored and recalled from the user interface to facilitate fast mold changes. Optionally, additional recipes can be saved on removable media for increased capacity.

Main nozzle height adjustment
Dependant on the product, cycle improvements can be achieved by reducing the injection clamp stoke. Height adjustment of the injection unit is simplified with the integrated lifting mechanism.

Simplified maintenance
The complete redesign has significantly improved machine access aiding maintenance and mold changing.

Preform conditioning
For optimal material distribution the preform temperature is profiled in the conditioning station before blow molding ensuring the ideal match to the containers geometry.

Scuff free production
As the neck is held in the lip cavity from initial injection molding throughout the process, containers produced are scratch free. To maintain the aesthetic quality and prepare for down stream handling an optional servo operated pick and place container take-out device can be fitted at the eject station.

ASB-650 series mold compatibility
With minor modifications and a few optional adapter plates, existing ASB-650NHII and ASB-650EXHIII molds can be installed and run in the new ASB-150DP machine.

Data acquisition
Optional interface is available to enable connection to a network for statistical process and fault monitoring.

Example Containers

containers 150dp

Key Machine Features

1 Flexibility to Mold a Wide Range of Containers
2 Excellent Cost Efficiency
3 150ton Injection Clamping Force
4 High-Speed Stable Molding
5 Easy Maintenance
6 ASB-650EXHⅢ, 650NHⅡ Mold Compatibility

Machine Specifications

Container Matrix

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Product Applications

Very large jars for food (snack, candy, mustard, spice, peanut butter, salad dressing, coffee granules etc.), liquor, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, infusion bottles, baby feeding bottles etc.


PET, PP, PC, PLA, PEN, PS, recycled PET, etc.

Container Shapes

Jar, oval, plain round, non-round, ultra-light. Almost any shape you can imagine.

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